Tips for moving home

No wonder moving home is classed as one of the most stressful things one has to undertake.  There is so much to take care of.

Not only do you have to find an appropriate removal company from the hundreds of listings but then contemplate what is going and what’s not.  What are you going to do with all the stuff that you aren’t taking and then will you have to take time off work to take care of the move?

Sorry, I could go on but I’m sure you get the picture.  Here is a short guide on a few things to consider when your house is on the market.

There are many companies out there who are highly qualified in moving your possessions, but there are still a lot of things that you will have to undertake yourself.

Many companies are not covered to actually disconnect your electrical devices so have them all ready to go.  If you are taking washing machines, dishwashers or cookers with you then it is worth having them prepared to save time.

Don’t forget to eat up your freezer as if you are moving it to your new property it will need to stand for 24hours before plugging it back in again.

There may also be extra charges for taking apart any furniture in the house or garden so again this should be dismantled before the removal company arrives.  This gives you time to coat any suborn nuts and bolts with a generous coating of WD40 if required!  Make sure any fittings are bagged and clearly labelled.  Even better tape them to the unit its self so they cant go missing.

One area often overlooked is fixtures and fittings.  It is always worth looking at how to remove any items that have been in place for a while prior to the move date.  There may have been special tools required for the job that have long since gone missing.

Finally, it is worth sorting out the loft or storage areas that have been the home for any items that may not be taking the journey to the new home.  Charity shops, EBay and Car boot sales are always good options. Everything will have to be brought down for the removal company anyway so what better time to be ruthless.


Don’t forget to notify:

Your utility suppliers

The post office of your new address so they can forward mail

Your local council

Your GP


Your Banks

The Schools

Insurance companies

Your Employer

You will also have to swap your TV license, which can now be done online

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