A Magical Christmas Evening

I had been looking forward to last weekend since Christmas time last year and once again the NSPCC East Cheshire Special Events Committee’s Christmas Concert was a delight.

The evening is set in one of the most perfect locations I could think of for a Christmas concert.  The decorations and ambiance at Capesthorne Hall is second to none.  As proud sponsors of the evening and feeling rather James Bond esque in my black tie get up I opened the door for Rebecca and we were immediately greeted by  happy faces, the Macclesfield youth brass band and a chilled glass of bubbles.

A great start to the evening already!

On entering the next room my eyes were wide open and jaw dropping at the splendour of the Christmas tree and surrounding decorations.  A quick look over the raffle prizes and then with my tickets safely deposited in the inside pocket of my jacket  it was time to sample some of the canapés I had spied doing the rounds.

Various tasty delights to perfectly accompany my second glass of bubbles and all lovingly prepared by the local Vanilla in Allseasons.

Before I knew it the Toastmaster was announcing the concert and we were all seated in the drawing room ready for the first session of our evenings entertainment.  The room was filled with anticipation as the Kinder Youth Choir entered the room, led by their founder Joyce Ellis.  We were treated to several Christmas classics and also a few modern numbers to mix it up a little.  The acoustics in this room are just phenomenal and the range of the choir breath taking.

Now fully in the Christmas mood it was time for some supper and unlike many events of this sort there were no queues to join as we only had to find a table and the food options were brought around in hot bowls.  An interesting concept that worked very well and everybody at my table certainly seemed to get stuck in.

I am not usually a desert person but found it hard to say no to the mince pies and chocolate brownies.  Well it is Christmas after all.

The final part of the evening and my personal favourite, we were all invited back into the drawing room to stretch our vocal chords.  Some a little hesitant at first were soon empowered by the brilliance and energy of the amazing Joyce Ellis and her choir.  They even threw in a waltz in at the end to set the room alight.

A truly magical evening to which I will look forward to once again.


Thank you to all involved and I hope to see you all again next year.

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