Lifestyle Management


Lifestyle Management

Enjoying yourself shouldn’t feel like hard work. R&R For You have developed a unique, highly varied lifestyle management service that enables you to skip straight to the fun without getting tied up in any of the research and preparation.

As with every aspect of R&R’s service, the brief is shaped entirely by you.

  • Hotel, restaurant and entertainment recommendations, scheduling and booking
  • Holiday planning:  From information-gathering to full itinerary creation and booking.
  • Motor boats and yachting:  Production and maintenance is a specialist subject and personal obsession.
  • Private transport arrangements:  By car, boat, plane or any other means.
  • Private dinner parties in your home:  For just the two of you or a gathering. We handle everything from gorgeous canapés to specially selected wines; lavish 7-course tasting menus to beautiful table decorations. Even the washing-up gets taken care of.
  • Fabulous party planning for any occasion.
  • Event reminders and personal gift shopping.
  • Boat building and maintenance – our specialist subject (and personal obsession!)

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