What makes R&R For You different than all the other companies?

We believe over the years we have gathered a unique portfolio of experience that enables us to give you a specialised service with unsurpassed attention to detail.  Please see the about us section for a more detailed explanation.

Can I contact you direct?

Yes, please feel free to call us on our mobile numbers which you can find on the contact us page.

How much do you cost and what payment methods do you accept?

We accept various methods of payments and our costs are detailed more under pricing.

Can you make a purchase on my behalf?

We will happily make purchases on your behalf and all costings and receipts will be presented in your bill at the end of each month.

If you do make a purchase on my behalf, will it cost me more than buying it myself?

You will only be charged for our time, the item will be at cost.

Can I use the service when I’m out of the country?

We do have clients that live in Europe and further afield and will be happy to help when you are out of the country.

Can you organise an event for my business?

We hope so, please contact us to discuss further.

Can I deal with one person?

We pride ourselves on offering a personal service, so much so we are happy for you to have our mobile phone numbers and direct lines.

How do I ask you to do something for me and how long will I have to wait for a response?

You can send us an email, use the contact form or if you would like us to get onto your task as soon as possible then feel free to use our mobile numbers or direct line.

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