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Tips for a D.I.Y. Christmas

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If you would like to do something a little bit different this year, why not make your decorations stand out from the rest by making them yourself?

Here are some truly wonderful and highly effective ways to fill your home with the joys of Christmas. You will be surprised how easy they are!


The true taste of Christmas

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This is a really easy recipe with which no Christmas should be without.  The smell and  taste is Christmas in a glass. complete with the traditional festive spices of cloves, cinnamon and nutmeg but why not experiment and add some of your own?!

We tend to make our mulled wine early morning on Christmas day and leave it on a low heat so that it is ready when friends pop in for a chat.  I find it gets tastier as the day goes on.


R&R's Caribbean Holiday.

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With winter approaching it is a great time to start looking into a little bit of winter sun. Surely on of the greatest places to fend of the winter blues has to be a trip to the Caribbean.

After working for some of the worlds’ elite Richard and Rebecca from R&R For You are here with a review of one of their favourite islands, St Barths. Located in the French West Indies St Barths is a sparkling gem of the Leeward Islands. more

What we did and what we can do for you (Part 2)

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R & R For You… aka Richard & Rebecca, we are both highly experienced property and lifestyle management specialists. Just think of us as your PA on call some of the time or all of the time. We provide our clients with a personal and bespoke service tailored to their individual needs.

In other words, we help busy people like you to be less busy. Sometimes it’s looking after your property while you are away. Maybe just helping you find a cleaner you can trust or even organising an event you’re hosting. more

What we did and what we can do for you (Part 1)

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To help new visitors understand where the concept for R&R For You came from I would like to explain a little more about our background.

10 years ago we both started out as crewmembers on board private yachts. It was a vertical learning curve working hard, up to 16 hours a day sometimes! Charters could last upto 3 months and we were on call 24/7. more

New Site - Same R&R

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With the new site we have tried to bring R&R closer to you, we want it to be more personal and make it easier for you to see what we can do for you.

Over the coming weeks we will be blogging on all things to do with general life, saving time and whatever we think you might find useful! more