What we did and what we can do for you (Part 1)

To help new visitors understand where the concept for R&R For You came from I would like to explain a little more about our background.

10 years ago we both started out as crewmembers on board private yachts. It was a vertical learning curve working hard, up to 16 hours a day sometimes! Charters could last upto 3 months and we were on call 24/7.

We both wanted to build a name for ourselves in the industry and whenever there was an opportunity for training we both jumped at it. I would be studying towards my captains licences and also yacht management, likewise Rebecca was training on silver service, canapé presentation and event planning. We even attended schools in London and France together to learn about champagne, fine wines, spirits and cocktails.

We both quickly reached the heads of our departments and when there was nowhere for us to move further up the ladder we moved jobs and started work in Holland overseeing the construction of a new 50m superyacht.

It was now our responsibility to oversee the owner’s wishes in between production meetings and make sure that their requests translated into the final floating home. A balance between designer’s ideas, owners demands and practicality! Not an easy task to pull off.

If you imagine a floating home with 5 or 6 guest bedrooms all with en-suite bathrooms, lounges on each deck, dining rooms that are grand enough for royalty and in some cases even swimming pools. We thrived on providing the highest levels of service and the new challenges that each day would bring.

We must have done quite a good job on the first one because we were given another opportunity to assist with the build of another floating home, this time somewhat bigger and the whole process started again.

We even had to make sure the owners favourite artwork and some of his custom designed furniture made it safely from France to Germany ready for the launch. Quite a responsibility!

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