New Site - Same R&R

With the new site we have tried to bring R&R closer to you, we want it to be more personal and make it easier for you to see what we can do for you.

Over the coming weeks we will be blogging on all things to do with general life, saving time and whatever we think you might find useful!

There might be tips on a particular wine we have found or a restaurant we have just eaten at. It could be a tip on how to make the most of your storage or innovative solutions on how to create more space.

We also hope to invite companies we work with to introduce their companies as guest bloggers and please feel free to contact us to see if we can assist you with a particular area of your life.

We would like you to get involved so please sign up so you can comment on the posts and we will keep you posted with our quarterly newsletters and new blog posts.

For those of you are interested we will shortly be posting a little more in-depth career history so you can see how R&R developed into what it is today, we look forward to seeing you soon and hope you enjoy the blogs.


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